Digital Platforms

Make sure your business is in tip-top digital condition with smart websites, active social media, engaging content and content marketing, above, below and through the line advertising, online marketing, SEO, applications and CRM systems. Menzies Media caters for both B2C and B2B businesses to ensure that your brand is represented appropriately online.

Mobile Advertising

At any given moment there are millions of people online via mobile devices. With Menzies Media you can reach them wherever they go with targeted advertising and profiled SMS marketing. Our strategies put a lot of focus on mobile whether it be for campaign exposure and results or mobile application builds. Without strong mobile targeting, any online campaign will be completely lost.

User Targeting

Our tailored direct marketing strategies promote engagement by targeting audiences that are interested in what you do, while also finding those that may be interested. With brand building and lead generation strategies we will find your target market through online tools and our large profiled databases. Leads are then managed and distributed through our custom in-house management software.

— Looking for an agency?

As digital specialists in brand building and lead generation, we can meet the marketing needs of your business.

— Customised services.

We will analyse your unique position in order to offer tailored packages that best suit your business needs.

— Reach a wider audience.

With measurable engagement strategies we create and communicate content to ensure that your brand speaks.